Project Updates

Even after your project has been published on your App and is publicly available, it is possible to make updates directly from the Authoring Tool. You don’t need to go into the Liquid Cinema CMS for that. These updates can include but are not limited to:

  • New or changed Events (Forced Perspective, Graphics, etc.)
  • New or Updated Subtitles
  • New or Updated Branches
  • Added Language Versions

What the updates do not include:

  • New or Updated Video assets

1. From the top menu, go to CMS>UPDATE PROJECT

2. A popup window will ask you to update your project to the CMS. Click OK

3. You can see the update instantly in your Apps. You can also verify the update has gone through by looking at the Project List in the Liquid Cinema CMS. On the right side is a column UPDATED AT which indicate when a project has last been updated.

Project Updates made from the Authoring Tool automatically get pushed to all platforms that are deployed.