Web Player Configuration


In order to configure and embed the Liquid Cinema Web Player, you need to be logged into the Liquid Cinema CMS. The Player Customization Panel is located in App Settings and allows you to:

1. Generate Links to view and embed your projects

2. Customize what player elements will be included

3. Choose a default navigation mode

4. Change the player aspect ratio and dimensions


Configure and Embed


1. To generate an Embed URL or Share link you must first choose one of the player types; single video, collection, or all the videos in the team.

If you chose a single video player or collection you will have to choose the content you wish to share in the Choose Content Field. You do not have to do this for the All Videos option.


2. Next you can configure what player elements you wish to enable for the player.


Show Project Details

This enables a details panel in the top right corner of the player. It will show the project Thumbnail, Title, Full Description and Creators.

Show 360 Nav Instructions

This enables an Instructional window to appear before the video plays showing the user how to navigate a 360 video with the mouse or keyboard.


Allow User to Switch Lang

If your project has different language versions this will allow the user to switch between them. Project Details needs to be enabled.

Auto Play Next Video

This is useful for the collection player and the all videos player. It will auto play the next video when a video ends. This setting will have no effect on the single video player.

Show Logo & Fade Logo on Video Start

Features Coming Soon! This will enable you to show your custom logo in the player. A fade effect can be enabled for the logo.

3. You can also configure the Initial Player Language and the Default 360 Navigation Mode:


Initial Player Language

The Initial Player language will determine what language version the content in the player will initially play and what language the 360 Nav Instructions will display at.

If this is left blank the player will use:

  • English for the 360 Nav Instructions
  • The Default Content Language set on the Project Global Settings for the video content.

If you select a language that your project dose not have a version for, the 360 Nav Instructions will be set to that language if it is supported, if not it will be set to English. The content will be set to its Default Content Language set on the Project Global Settings for the video content.

Default 360 Navigation Mode:

You can choose between two 360 Navigation Modes:

  • Mouse Grab
  • Mouse Move

Mouse Grab Lets the user drag and move the screen to view the film.

Mouse Move Lets the camera follow the cursor to view the film.

The user can still switch between the modes at the bottom right of the player.

4. You will also be able to edit the :

  • Player Aspect Ratio
  • Padding Colour
  • Player Dimensions
  • Full screen Mode

Player Aspect Ratio

Determines the aspect ratio of your Player Dimensions. You can choose from many preset aspect ratios, enter your own custom aspect ratio or enter the specific variable player dimensions you want.

Padding Color 

This is useful when you are in full screen mode with an aspect ratio that creates padding. You can set the colour to anything you want!


Player Dimensions 

This will Determine the width and height of the embedded URL player. This will not affect the Shareable URL. The shareable player has default dimensions that react to the set aspect ratio.


Allow Full Screen Mode

This will allow for full screen mode in the embedded URL player. Full screen is always enabled for the Shareable URL player.

5. Finally, after customizing the player to your liking, you can generate the video player links by clicking the Generate URLs button.

You will see a sharing URL and an embed URL for your websites. A preview web player will also appear, but its dimensions will not be changed by the above settings.

6. If you wish to preview or share your web player, copy the URL code, and paste it into your web browser.  If you wish to embed the video player, copy the EMBED code and paste it into the code of the website where you wish to embed it.

Better Preview

Use the shareable URL link to preview your player and projects on a bigger player!