APPS Support


Supported Platforms


Liquid Cinema supports content in VR as well as non-VR mode (flatscreen). The following platforms have been developed:

VR Platforms:


GearVR  & Oculus GO

Mobile VR (iOS, Android Cardboard)

Desktop VR: Oculus / HTC Vive. With the Desktop VR app you can stream your VR content through our web player right onto an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset. COMING SOON


Non-VR Platforms:

iOS mobile and Android mobile (Magic Window)

The Liquid Cinema Mobile Apps use the finger-swipe option and gyroscope features of the phone to look around 360 video footage.

Web (browser): via the Liquid Cinema web Player you can use your mouse cursor or the arrow keys to interact with the videos

AppleTV4 (TV): use your AppleTV4 remote to interact with and look around the 360 videos